Week 19: Fire

2 08 2010


I would like to say I thought of this idea ahead of time but it just so happened I was at dinner and thought “Oh my gosh, this week’s assignment is fire! This is perfect!”  Unprepared I quickly grabbed my little digital camera as the chef set the onion on fire and this what I got.

Week 18: Color: Brown

13 07 2010

Check out this locust shell I found outside.  There’s a life cycle video on the wiki page.  It’s creeeepy! 

Week 16: Three

12 07 2010

3 seconds left to cross West 3rd St. Hurry!

Week 15: Self Portrait

11 07 2010

This week’s photo challenge was the hardest so far.  Taking a picture of yourself is just awkward.  I’m much more comfortable behind the camera but an assignment is an assignment so here ya go.

Week 14: Color- Green

25 05 2010


I spy something green.

Week 13: Water

25 05 2010

You might recognize this pic from another post…

Week 12: Zipper

25 05 2010

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