Week 42: Bridge

6 12 2010

One Sunday after church my friend said he had something to show me.  Little did I know I would soon be crossing the 360 Bridge and climbing up the side of a cliff in a dress and flats!  Although ill prepared, I made it to the top without a scratch.  The short climb was totally worth it.  The view was incredible!  The cliff was overlooking the 360 Bridge with Lake Austin leading the view up to the skyline in the distance.  Took my breath away.

* The 360 Bridge is also known as the Pennybacker Bridge.

* Constructed from late 1979 – July 1982

* Opened for traffic on December 3, 1982

* Made with 600,000,000 pounds of steel from Japan

* The bridge is 1,150 feet long with not part touching the water below.  Amazing.

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