Snow Day | Austin

4 02 2011

What’s that?  Snow in Austin! Um yeah!  I know the weatherman had said all week that we would get snow on Friday but it was one of those “Oh I’ll believe it, when I see it” kind of things.  Well I see it and I believe it!  I’m so excited!!  Earlier this week I was feeling a little homesick/jealous of all the people in Fort Worth getting to enjoy the snow and have time off work but now…I’m in their boat.  Snow on the ground and work delayed for at least a few hours.  Time to post up on the couch with some hot chocolate and a good movie.

About froze my finger off writing in the snow….

Happy Snow Day ATX!!

Week 37: Hands

28 10 2010

The loving hands of a mom and dad.  The hands forming a heart makes me think of love which makes me think of this song which, in turn, makes me think of this movie and now I want to watch it and fall in love.  I’m such a girl.

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