Val + Andrea | Mother + Daughter

9 12 2009

Andrea and I have been friends since our freshmen year of college.  We both went potluck and the good Lord above put us together.  I really do feel blessed to have her in my life; not  only is she smart and beautiful, she’s also caring and awkwardly hilarious.  I love her and her family dearly.  So when she asked if I could help out with her Mom’s surprise party, I jumped at the chance. 

“The Plan:” Mother, daughter photo shoot/ practice for me

The Actual Plan: Keep Val distracted until 5:45p.m. for her surprise birthday party being set up at her own house. 🙂

We had a fun time playing decoy.  Luckily during their outfit selection Val suggested Andrea and I come over for dinner since her husband, Mike, had been making so much food earlier that day (gee I wonder why he was doing that 😉 ).   So we didn’t even have to make anything up!  She invited us to her own party!   Once we got downtown we only had about an hour or two before Andrea and I had to start “acting hungry” so we made good use of our time.  We were able to test a couple of different spots and we even found a hillside straight out of Ireland right here in downtown Fort Worth.  Greatness, definitely using that site again!

Special thanks to these ladies and Happy Birthday to them both!!!   They did a fantastic job and I was very grateful for the opportunity, decoy or not.




Sneak Peek | Val & Andrea

24 11 2009

Here’s a sneak peek from the mother/daughter/decoy photo shoot this weekend.  More details and photos to follow so make sure to check back! 

Meet Garrison | Children

29 09 2009

Garrison is your typical little boy, full of energy, curiosity and absolutely no fear.  I ran into this little guy on a Sunday afternoon at Fred’s over off of 7th.  He was running around and having a great time.  Lucky for me, his parents were more than happy to let me take his picture.  So, special thanks goes out to them for giving me a chance to practice!  He was such a great sport.  I truly enjoyed trying to keep up with him. 

b&w focal

leap of faithposechillinpeaceful

Rainy Days

22 09 2009

When it rains it pours. ..and pours…and pours. DFW has had a ridiculous amount of rain over the past two weeks.  It truly seemed like it would never end.  All the rain caused the Trinity River to rise which created great photo ops.  Here are a few of my favorites.

take 2



29 07 2009

So, a couple of weeks ago we had a surprise party for Hogan’s Dad.  His Mom went through lots of planing to pull of the perfect surprise, although, his Dad did a good job trying sabotage our fun.  First, we had to change the initial party date b/c he randomly decided to go on a golfing trip.  Then he kept trying to come hang out at Hogan’s house(the party location) a couple of days before the party.  Which would have been a disaster since we already had decorations up!

Luckily, it all worked out and he was very surprised!  We had wall of old photos and a book for people to write notes or special stories about the man of honor, Mr. Larry Page.  There were about 50 of his closest family & friends, fajitas and margaritas!  We had the food catered by Rosa’s Cafe, which is a client from work.  We just launched their new site on Friday.   

Hogan’s Mom deserves a very big THANK YOU for all of the work she did!  Everything turned out great and we all had a great time.  I hope you enjoy the pictures!

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