Madelaine + Mike | Engagements

24 05 2012

Mike and Maddy got married a couple of weeks ago so I figure it’s about to time to post their engagement pics…behind much?!? 🙂

Madelaine and I have been friends since our freshman year of college at TCU.  We lived on the same floor of Colby Hall, joined the same sorority and had countless impromptu dance parties with our fantastic roommates.  She is a super sweet girl and I am so happy she found Mike.  Mike is a real man’s man.  He loves sports, brews his own beer but at the end of the day has a soft spot for a certain blonde.

Can you blame him?! Look as this beauty!

Married | May 12, 2012

First Presbyterian Church

Oklahoma City

Congrats you guys!!  I wish you all the happiness in the World!!

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Madelaine + Mike | Sneak Peek

13 12 2011

A little taste of my latest engagement session.  Love the colors!  Madelaine looked adorable! Oh Mike, you looked adorable too… 🙂 Love you guys! Super excited for the wedding!!!

Full post coming soon!

Susan + Matt | Engagement

22 06 2010

When Suz called and asked me to take their engagement pictures I could not have been more excited!!  I’ve known Suz for a couple of years; we used to work together.  She was always dependable in work and in great YouTube entertainment.  ‘Don’t interrupt, rude!’, haha.  I met Matt through Suz and work happy hours.  Plus he knew a lot of my Air Force friends because he’s also in the Air Force.  Which is what has now taken the two of them to OK where Matt is going through pilot training.  And it’s where they left their clothes for the shoot… but they made due, borrowed a few things and voilà!

We started the shoot where they met, Texas Christian University.  Go Frogs!  They were neighbors in Fish Hall.  I don’t remember all the details but the main thing is they became friends, fell in love and now they’re getting married!  For the second part of the shoot we went to the Japanese Garden in the Botanic Gardens.  I lived in Fort Worth for 8 years and never once went to the Japanese Garden, what was I thinking?  It was beautiful, from the cute yet awkwardly crafted bridge to the stepping-stones Suz remembered walking on as a kid.   It was a great setting.

I want to give a special thanks to Matt and Suz!  You guys were such troopers!  They dealt with schedule changes, missing wardrobes and the Texas heat.  You guys rock!  I hope you enjoy the pictures!

The Prince or the Frog?? Decisions, decisions….

So after a few attempts at jumping pictures, Matt says to Suz, “Ok, we have to jump really high this time.” Suz of course agrees and jumps super high while Matt stands still.  Haha, nice set up Matt!

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