Week 40: Skyline

5 12 2010

The beautiful Austin skyline.  Love the clouds, the trees and the geese.  I’m so happy I live here.  Blessed.

For a different perspective of the Austin skyline check out week 31: reflection.  Which do  you like better?

Mmm…home cookin | Munchies

8 11 2010

On my most recent trip home, my Mom and I decided to make some homemade pasta sauce.  And by my Mom and I, I mean she made the sauce while I documented everything.

With all the ingredients laid out it was time to get to work!

First, we chopped up a couple of onions.

Then we minced a little garlic.  Love me some fresh garlic!  It totally kills your breath but man it tastes SO good!!

Side note: As an appetizer, heat up a loaf of French bread.  While that’s in the oven, put a little(I prefer a lot) of the fresh minced garlic with some EVOO, red pepper flakes and ground black pepper.  When the bread is ready, tear and dip it in the mixture.  D-lish!

We put the onions in a huge pot with a little EVOO(extra virgin olive oil) and set the heat to medium.  Then we added the garlic, a little sugar, oregano and pepper.

Then we let the onions cook until golden brown.

After that, we add some balsamic vinegar, a couple cups of chicken broth and 3 cans of crushed tomatoes.

Then we let the deliciousness cook for 55 minutes.  Meanwhile…

It was time to prep for ah spicy meat-a-ball!

First we chopped up a green bell pepper and one small onion.  Then we put that into a blender topped it off with a little fresh garlic and blended until it was a nice consistency.

We added the mixture to a pound of ground turkey, tossed in a few bread crumbs, an egg and a little S&P.

We formed the meat into small balls and placed them on a cooking sheet.  They cooked for about 25 minutes at I don’t remember what temperature. :/

Finally the sauce and meatballs were ready. Mmmmm…

The end result of all that hard work…Delizioso!  Eccellente!

Let me know if you’d like the recipe.  It’s delicious and totally worth the effort!

Do you have any special recipes you’d like to share?  Please say yes because I like to cook and I LOOOOVE to eat! 🙂

Race for the Cure | Philanthropy

29 10 2010

Hey guys!

TYP Austin has signed up with Susan G. Komen to help raise money and increase breast cancer awareness.  With your help and support we can reach our team goal of $250.  If you would like to make a donation or you want to join our race team, please visit our race page.

A few breast cancer facts:

* 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer

* Men can get breast cancer too. 1 in every 100 cases of breast cancer will occur in a male

* A mammogram is the most reliable way to detect breast cancer early.

For more details about breast cancer and how you can help raise awareness please visit www.komenaustin.org.

Sneak Peek | Sage Madeline | New Born Photography

22 10 2010

Miss Sage Madeline entered the world last Tuesday, October 12th at 9:13a.m.  She is just the cutest little bundle of joy.  Here a is a quick sneak peek of the new arrival.

You may remember this little one’s mom, Taly, from her baby bump session a couple of months ago.

‘Tis the season.  The holidays are right around the corner and you know what that means…family photos!  Time to show off your beautiful family.  Get everyone together and let’s make some photo magic!  Schedule your session by Nov. 12th, mention this post and get a 25% discount on your session.  Don’t delay, my calendar is filling up! 🙂

TYP Austin – Sept. Event | Networking

6 10 2010

We had a great turn out last week for Austin’s Texas Young Professionals September event at Zax Restaurant & Bar.  The weather was fantastic so the patio at Zax was perfect.  Plus Zax offers 20 beers on tap, great happy hour specials and delicious food.

This month we partnered with Ignite a Dream Foundation.  The Foundation’s goal is to give children the opportunity to learn sportsmanship and teamwork through great leadership.   They are hosting their 1st Annual Golf Classic today.  We, at TYP, wish them the best of luck.  If you want to learn more about Ignite a Dream, please visit their website.


Thank you to everyone that attended the event!  Special thanks to Ignite a Dream for sharing your foundation’s mission with us!   And a BIG thank you to Zax for having us; we had a great time!!

Our next event will be October 19th from 6-8pm at Parkside on East 6th St.  In honor of October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we will be partnering with the young professionals of Susan G. Komen.  We encourage everyone to wear PINK to the event to show support.  Also, don’t forget to mark your calendars for Susan G. Komen’s Race for the Cure on November 7th. 

For more details about breast cancer and how you can help raise awareness please visit www.komenaustin.org.

Week 35: Change

6 10 2010

Thank goodness the times have changed!  Things like this make me appreciate being a photographer in the digital age.  Although, I think it would be interesting to learn to use older cameras such as this one.  I love history!  Thinking about how different things were back then…who used this camera?  What did they take pictures of? 

The Kodak Six-20 ‘Brownie’ C was made in the time period of WWII.  It’s neat to think maybe this camera was near the war zone capturing all the action, documenting history.  While it’s more likely it was used for family vacations, it’s still cool to think about.  You just never know.

Alpha Rev | Music

5 10 2010

So a couple of months ago I totally feel in love with the band Alpha Rev.  They are A-mazing!!  I first saw them at Republic Live which is downtown in the warehouse district.  That venue was so much fun!  If you an AR fan, you know about their song Colder Months.  If you don’t know the song, for shame…just playin.  Take a quick listen.  So while this song was playing, and I have no idea how they did this, Republic Live made it snow.  And I’m not talking some styro-foam mess; it was legit snow that stuck to you and melted away.  The show, as a whole, blew me away.

To put the icing on the cake, I got to meet Casey McPherson(lead vocals/guitar) and Derek Dunivan(vocals/guitar) after the show.  They were so nice and welcomed me to Austin.  We talked about their upcoming show at Nutty Brown which resulted in this post. 🙂

Being new to Austin, I was excited to check out Nutty Brown Cafe.  It’s a bit off the beaten path but it’s totally worth it.  In fact, as beautiful as the weather has been lately, I would love to go back and enjoy a nice afternoon on their patio.

The weather was great that night as well.  My friends and I got there a little before AR went on.  We started out a table towards the back and naturally migrated to the front of the stage.  This set was a lot more laid back and chill, no crazy lights or snow just AR and their music.

After the show, the guys hung out and signed autographs.  Pretty sweet:

If you haven’t already, you must pick up a copy of their cd, New Morning or download the album on iTunes.  Either way you will be VERY happy!!  The album is fantastic!

I’m super excited for their show tomorrow night at Antone’s!!  Click here for more details and ticket info.

Randy Rogers Band Soundcheck Party| Music

16 09 2010

So everyone that attended the Randy Rogers Band CD Release Party was also invited to attend soundcheck a couple of weeks later at Hill’s Cafe.  The only problem was the unexpected Tropical Storm Hermine which came busting through Austin the day before the show producing record rainfall and tons of road closures.   Hill’s Cafe is an outdoor venue so Hermine put quite a damper on things(pun intended).  But the show must go on so KVET moved the event to the safety of their back up venue, Midnight Rodeo.  With a roof over our heads and Randy and Brady in place, it was time for soundcheck. 

Soundcheck 1,2,1,2

A little adjustment…

They played a couple of songs and then there was a meet and greet.  Yep, we got to meet them!!!!  I had no idea that was going to happen so I was like a giddy little kid.  Randy and Brady were so humble and nice.  That was such a treat!

 Below: Katie with the one and only Randy Rogers.

We were totally VIP… Ha!  Not gonna lie, we felt pretty special.

BIG THANKS to the Randy Rogers Band!!  Both shows were great!  Thanks to KVET for your ever popular Free Texas Music Series! And thanks to Midnight Rodeo for taking us in! 

Don’t forget to pick up your copy of Burning the Day!  Or you can download the album on iTunes.  Either way, you MUST get your hands on this album!  It’s sooooo good!!

Randy Rogers Band CD Release Party | Music

3 09 2010

Love the Randy Rogers Band! 1.) Because their music is great and 2.) Because they remain humble even though their latest CD, Burning the Day, debuted at #2 on the country music charts!!  Way to go guys!

The CD Release Party was held on August 23rd at The RANCH on West 6th.  It was a night full of celebration.  Not only was it Randy’s 2 year anniversary of life without a cigarette(Congrats!).  It was also his Birthday!! 

Side note: Little known fact about me, I LOVE birthdays!  So this other guy and tried to rally the crowded to sing Happy Birthday to Randy but we totally failed.  Sorry Randy.

They played a couple of my old favorites “In My Arms Instead” and “Buy Myself a Chance” along with some new songs from the album.  I really like Burning the Day; it’s a great album!  I’ve had it playing in my car since I got it that night.  Still trying to decide which song I like best.  It’s a close race between “Interstate“-so sweet, “Damn the Rain” -classic heart-break, ” Too Late for Goodbye” -a stand up anthem, “I’ve Been Looking for You So Long” – love and “Starting Over for Last Time” -my new motto.  Ok so that’s almost the entire album… but those are my favorites.  If I had to pick, “Interstate” steals my heart every time.

Another cool thing, our passes from this show also get us into sound check for next week’s performance at Hill’s Cafe as part of KVET’s Free Texas Music Series.  CAN NOT wait!!  Super excited!  Don’t worry there will be pictures covering that event as well 🙂

Are you a RRB fan too?  Have you heard their new album??  If not, it’s a MUST!  If so, what’s your favorite track?

Waiting for Sage | Baby Bumps

27 08 2010

Meet Taly, a soon to be first time mom and a fellow newbie to Austin.  She and her husband, Peter, moved to Austin a few months ago from Vegas.  They have settled in nicely and  are patiently waiting for their little bundle of joy, little Miss Sage Madeline, who is due the beginning of October. 

Taly and I had a lot of fun on this shoot.  She was the perfect model.  She was so laid back and did anything I asked!! Even if it meant laying on a picnic table with block letters on her stomach while people ran past us on the Town Lake trails.  We got a couple of funny looks but mostly awes.   Anywho.  Point of my rambling:  Taly was great, the pictures turned out awesome and I can’t wait to meet Sage!  Enough from me, enjoy the pics!


For those of you who follow my work, consider Goal#5 complete 🙂


I love how peaceful this picture is especially considering all the activity that was going on around us.

Below: My favorite pic! Peaceful and pretty with a side of great light.  Love it!

So about half way through the shoot we were faced with a major distraction…

We just meant to stop in for a quick wardrobe change but we were soon lured in by the hauntingly delicious aroma of the Cinnabon cinnamon rolls.  She, being a soon to be mom with cravings, and I, having little to no will power when it comes to sweets, decided it was inevitable; we surrendered to the Cinnabon.  It was the best dinner I’ve ever had, all 880 calories of it(and yes, although depressing, that is actually how many calories are in a regular size Cinnabon.  I looked it up) sigh.  Ok, enough with my Cinnabon tangent, back to pictures.

Below: So we ran out of E’s but we just had to, as Tim Gunn would said, make it work.

I would like to give a special thank you to Taly for being an awesome model!  The Austin heat was harsh but she was such a trooper.  Also, thank you to Cinnabon’s online nutritional guide for giving me ample movtivation to hit the gym!

If you’re a soon to be mom, a new mom or you have kids and want to do family portraits, whatever the need, send me  a quick e-mail (larimieleigh@gmail.com) or leave a comment and we can set up a shoot. 

For those of you stopping by to check things out, I would love to hear from you!  What are your thoughts?  Did you have a favorite photo?  Just let me know!  I look forward to hearing from you!

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