Week 15: Self Portrait

11 07 2010

This week’s photo challenge was the hardest so far.  Taking a picture of yourself is just awkward.  I’m much more comfortable behind the camera but an assignment is an assignment so here ya go.

Week 14: Color- Green

25 05 2010


I spy something green.

Week 13: Water

25 05 2010

You might recognize this pic from another post…

Week 12: Zipper

25 05 2010

Week 11: Caterpillar

5 05 2010

Week 10: Night-time

4 05 2010

I had quite the touristy day in Austin.  I went to Mount Bonnell(the highest point in Austin, 775ft.), walked around the capitol building(constructed from 1882-88) and watched the bats fly out from under the Congress St. bridge(1.5 million bats to be exact).  After the bats were done, the crowd began to disperse and I was left with the Austin skyline, perfect for my night-time assignment.  I decided to play around this time.  I experimented with long exposures and the zoom effect.  The results were interesting…can’t wait to try it out again.

Zoom out effect:

Zoom in effect:

 Which do you prefer, in or out??

Week 8: Music

22 03 2010

SXSW was so amazing!  I cannot wait to go back next year!  Here is a quick pic I snapped of a guy performing on the corner of 6th and Trinity.  Notice his “bass drum” is an old suit case.  Love it!

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