Week 52: Cold

1 01 2011

AH! This is the last challenge of 2010!  What a year it has been…the year started with change.  I was laid off in February, my lease at a place I had called home for 4 years was up at the end of March and by April I was calling Austin home.  I fell in love with the city, traveled, met lots of new people, enjoyed some great food, listened to a ton of live music, and had countless adventures.  I’m greatful every day for the many blessing in my life.  C-ya 2010!  Bring it on 2011!

The last challenge: Cold.

Nothing like a cold beverage to ring in the new year.  No, I don’t drink gin(gag) but my roommate does and the label was fancy(you fancy huh).

Happy New Year!


Week 51: Button

1 01 2011

I have a belly button.

Week 50: Presents

1 01 2011

Someone got into the presents a little early…but she looked super cute so we let it slide.

Week 49: Color: Pink

1 01 2011

Be the first to Name That Cupcake and you could win a super cool prize. 🙂

Week 48: Up(side down)

1 01 2011

Little Miss Kit Cat just hangin out.  Love her!

Week 47: Fruit

1 01 2011

So I wasn’t sure what I was going to do for this week’s assignment.  I didn’t want to do the traditional fruit in a bowl pic or fruit at the farmer’s market pic.  Lucky for me, I live in Austin so I’m always surrounded by the unusual and artistic nature of others which I find inspiring.  I came across this giant piece of fruit at Yard Dog on SoCo.  It’s an amazing piece of art created by Dakota Pratt and it is appropriately called Strawberry.  Well done Ms. Pratt!  That’s the best lookin strawberry I’ve ever seen.

Week 45: Hat

25 12 2010

Meet Jason, born 12.5.10.  I came across this cutie pie rockin his ‘My First Christmas’ gear while I was volunteering at the church Christmas lunch.   His outfit was A-dorable!

Week 44: Color: Black

15 12 2010

My friend’s black and white cat caught red handed sipping water in the shower.  His name, Simon.  His infatuation, water.  If he hears a faucet turn on you better believe he’s racing to the source.


Week 39: Leaves

25 11 2010


The beauty of Fall.

Week 37: Hands

28 10 2010

The loving hands of a mom and dad.  The hands forming a heart makes me think of love which makes me think of this song which, in turn, makes me think of this movie and now I want to watch it and fall in love.  I’m such a girl.

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