“How could he see me?”

30 08 2009

If you don’t know this quote, rent Grandma’s Boy.  Watch, laugh, repeat.


Longhorn love

31 07 2009

Found these guys just chillin in the Fort Worth Stock Yards.

fence frame


austin :) | Travel

29 07 2009

Austin as seen from the Hyatt hotel downtown.  Along with some other misc. pictures.

town lakefrom the trailwatching for the batscongress bridge

hamiltonwindmilldimensiondarciebored still lifedon't touch

A tour of Tolar

27 07 2009

Tolar, TX, population 681, is a small town located on 377.  It almost looks like a town stuck in a time warp.  It has a full service gas station still displaying gas for $1.08(those were the days!) and it has run down store fronts set up like an old western.  I’ve always loved a blue door located at the back of one of the building frames.  It catches my eye any time we drive through.  The town really presents great photo ops with the vibrant colors, interesting textures and the general character of the town.  🙂 I hope you enjoy the pics!

TolarDrug StoreTexture$1.08FrameworkSaturationBlue

Puppy pics!

24 07 2009

This is just a quick post of my pups.  Jackson, Layla and my friend’s bulldog, FourTracks.   They’re so cute!


LaylaFour Tracks

And so it begins…

24 07 2009

So my first official post goes to my first couple of outings with my camera.  The first was a trip to Possum Kingdom for the weekend back in May.  We stayed at my friend’s place which was beyond words.  Next to his cabana was a little seating area with a fan in the tree.  Odd, I know but I thought it was neat.  On our way home I asked if we could stop if we saw any deer.  It was like God smiled on us that day.  We came around a turn and there were 10+ deer just chillin in an open area full of yellow, purple and red flowers.  So beautiful!

My favorite picture from the trip was actually a reflection.  We were walking into Skinny’s in Weatherford(great burgers!) and the guys walked past a puddle that struck my eye.  If you look closely the picture is upside down.  The reflection starts where their legs stop.  I didn’t get the total body shot b/c well, they were hung over so that would have just been cruel.  Turned out to be a cool pic though.

The other pics are from a Sunday fun day at Fred’s Texas Cafe over off 7th.  They also have a great burger, expensive but good.  One pic is a quick shot of a little girl playing around.  The other pic is of a good ole boy.  I like to call his pic, portrait of a patriot. 🙂

Well that’s it for the first post.  I’m still trying to figure out wordpress so hopefully my posts improve over time. 🙂  More to come soon!  Please enjoy and let me know your thoughts.

tree chillerdeer

reflectionsPlaying around

Potrait of a Patriot

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