Happy Christmas | Holidays

25 12 2011

So Christmas didn’t exactly go according to plan.

 My parents and I decided to go to my old church in Fort Worth for their Christmas service.  Before we left, my Dad noticed the car was acting up a bit.  Mom said, are you sure it’s ok?  Dad said, it should be fine.  We got to Fort Worth with no trouble.

The service was beautiful and a great start to the day but then we got back to the parking lot…

The car wouldn’t start.

Hmm…well let’s try this, no luck.  K, let’s try that, no luck. How bout, no luck.

So we started calling friends.  Problem being it was noon on Christmas day so people were busy with their families, understandably so.

Of course, my Dad was playing the ‘let’s laugh it off card.’  My Mom, playing the ‘I told you so card.’ And me…well, I was just hungry.

We eventually got a hold of my friend, Hogan (or angel as he should be called for this story). He picked us up and let us keep his car for the day so we could get things in order.  Gotta love the Christmas spirit.

So this Christmas, my family and I would like to send a special thank you to Hogie Bear.  Thank you for being so kind! We appreciate you more than you know.

Happy Christmas!  Hope everyone had a blessed day!

Catalina Christmas | Sneak Peek

15 12 2011

You might remember this cute patootie  from last Christmas.  It’s always fun to watch kids grow up.  Here’s a tid bit from Cat’s Christmas shoot.

It took her a minute to warm up to the bells…

Make sure to check back for the full post or Krampus will get you! 🙂

Valentine’s Day | Holidays

15 02 2011

So yesterday was Valentine’s Day, generally known as a single girl’s nightmare!  Gasp! Oh my, you don’t have a Valentine?!  To that I say, who gives a woot?  This Monday was just like any other…jammy jams, wine, friends and The Bachelor.  Granted there were a lot more sweets than usual…cheesecake(personal fav), cookies, cupcakes, chocolate covered fortune cookies, chocolates oh and a little fruit in an attempt to cancel out all the sweets 🙂

Although I’m not much of a Valentine’s person, I still couldn’t hold back when I came across the cutest Valentine’s card the other day.  And by cutest, I mean cutest card EVER!!  Ok I might be a little partial because the puppy on the right looks just like Jackson when he was a pup but either way it was love at first sight.



A little comparison.


I KNOW, right?!  Do you see why I fell in the love with the card?





Then I opened the card…and I knew it was for me.  They say it’s what’s on the inside that counts and they’re right, whoever “they” are.

My pup on the front and a cuddle reference on the inside, this card was made for me.

How was your Valentine’s?

Were you looking for a heart melting moment?

Were you longing for old love?

Did you find the one?

Or are you still looking for that great love?

In any case, always remember:

Love is patient, love is kind.  It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.  It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.  Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.  It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

1 Corinthians 13: 4-7

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Community Lunch | Philanthropy

2 02 2011

So this post is a bit over due considering it’s from Christmas buuutttt….I’ve been busy?  Anywho.  On Christmas morning I headed up to church with my Dad to help with the Christmas lunch for the community.  There was a ton of food, a plethora of delicious desserts, and lots of volunteers which was great considering we had around 800 people to serve!  Everyone jumped to action, taking care of each assignment.  People were cooking, serving drinks, divvying up desserts, packing meals for the home bound.  You name it, it was getting done.

With the map laid out, volunteers ready and meals packed it was time to hit the town to serve the home bound.

But not before a quick blessing.

With the helpers in place…

even the little ones…

it was time to serve.

What a crowd!  Thank you to all of those that attended and served!  It was  a blessing all around.  Definitely a great way to share the spirit of Christmas.

David + Jess +Catalina | Austin Family Photography

3 01 2011

I love this family!  They are always so sweet.  I met them through a mutual friend a couple of years ago.  When we first met, David was a Captain in Air Force and Jess was commuting back and forth between DFW and Austin for her job as a doctor.  Now, Jess no longer commutes, David is a Project Manager for the VA and they have a beautiful daughter, Catalina.  It’s incredible what can happen in a couple of years.

Cat didn’t really want to wear her shoes but they were too cute not to be photographed.

She didn’t want to wear her dress either but we distracted her with presents.

In the end the dress lost the battle to the tears and it was time for a wardrobe change.

Which led to this photo that I absolutely L.O.V.E!!!  Such sweet comfort.

Special thanks to David, Jess and Cat!  You guys were great!  Can’t wait until May when Kit Cat turns 2! Man how time flies.

Merry Christmas!

25 12 2010

I hope everyone had a beautiful and blessed Christmas!

Happy Mother’s Day!!

9 05 2010

A few pics of my Mom’s rainy roses…

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