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4 02 2011

It’s time for the very first Larimie Leigh Photography Giveaway!!!!!!! Wooohooo!!!

Ok, here’s the deal.  Below are my favorite photos from the past year.  All you have to do is tell me which one you like best.  Simply leave a comment telling me which # is your favorite and why.

The client from the winning photo will receive a canvas of their favorite picture from their shoot.  If a non-client related photo wins, the winner will be drawn from those who voted for said photo.

There is one rule:  You can only vote for a picture once.

Facebook comments/Retweets don’t count in the final vote.  Although, both can help you spread the word…hint hint.

So get it in gear!  Cast your vote today! Don’t forget to tell your friends and family so they can cast their votes too!

Voting closes Friday, February 18th at 5:00p.m. cst.  The winner will be announced the following week.

Happy voting!


Unseen footage



Emmy loves block letters




Suz and Matt, young love.


The comfort of a father


Baby Sage


Austin stole my heart




Beautiful baby bump



*The canvas size will depend on the photograph chosen.

* Anyone can vote but you must be a Texas resident to win.  Sorry, I can’t afford to ship a canvas across the country…it ties back to that whole starving artist thing… : )

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36 responses

4 02 2011

Well… I better vote for my daughter. But the competition is steep. I vote for #5 ‘Baby Sage’. I love the expression you captured! She is clearly thinking and maybe mad.

5 02 2011

#2 – beautiful baby bump

5 02 2011
Mandy Barrington

My vote is for Baby Sage! Because I’ve got the baby bug and she’s so darn cute!

5 02 2011

BABY SAGE HAS MY VOTE!! Why do I love it??? Have you seen that face… that’s why!!! She is simply ADORABLE!!!!

5 02 2011

Ok… just read it better…. #5, please!! 🙂

5 02 2011

Cool content, I enjoy posts from you.

5 02 2011
Yocheved Miriam Russo

I pick Baby Sage, #5. Artsy, black and white, a very young baby looking out at the world — and not smiling. Lots of interesting commentary there. Very good. (And the fact that she’s my granddaughter doesn’t hurt a bit, either — ha!)

6 02 2011

Austin photo

6 02 2011

Tough…they are all soo good! # 4 is my fav though they are all great. Proud of you Lari!

7 02 2011
Titus Goodling

Love #5 Baby Sage, very cute!

8 02 2011

#1 of course, especially since I know the rest of the story 🙂

8 02 2011

We have always looooved picture #1!

8 02 2011

#1 look at those eyes!! 🙂

9 02 2011

#1! Beautiful baby, great shot

9 02 2011

Picture #1. Can you get anymore gorgeous!!!

9 02 2011

Picture #1!!!!!

9 02 2011
Mary Espinosa

I pick #1, a very awesome pic, she is so cute!!

9 02 2011

#1…adorable baby with big bright eyes! Such a sweet photo. 🙂

9 02 2011

My favorite is #1. What a gorgeous girl.

9 02 2011

Definitely #5, Baby Sage!

9 02 2011

Picture #1, simply gorgeous…

9 02 2011
Andre' Lawrence Hawkins

hands down a sweet pea #1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10 02 2011

Picture #1. She is adorable!

14 02 2011

Oh, pix #6 steals your heart – What could be sweeter than the comfort of a parent reflected in the eyes of a child!! I should know, Lami Pie!

14 02 2011

like the city shot #4 –

14 02 2011

pix #6 stole my heart – Nothing sweeter than seeing the comfort of a father in a little one’s eyes — I should know, Lami Pie!!

17 02 2011

#5 Angry babies are hilarious!

17 02 2011
Nick Quijano

I’ll go with numero cuatro. Who doesn’t like an artists perspective of the ATX skyline?!

18 02 2011
June Bug

My vote is for #1. The comfort of a father is my second choice.

18 02 2011
Laura Bacigalupo


18 02 2011

#6 for sure! They’re all fab though

18 02 2011

#4….Why? Because I ❤ Austin! 🙂 But seriously – First and foremost, I love the color, it's beautiful and very balanced. Second of all, I love how you captured the trees, river, buildings, swans, and the sky/clouds! You'd think it would be too much to look at and I'd have trouble finding something to focus on, but it's not, you got it to work and the picture as a whole seems to be greater than the sum of all it's individual parts. I see Austin, not just a skyline, not just some trees, not just a river etc. You captured it beautifully. Love it!

18 02 2011

Wow. Thank you! That was the most thorough comment yet. I appreciate the feedback!

19 02 2011
Nikki Bruyere

I like Abandoned because it has a lot of textures in it. Those owls? are not nearly as cute as the babies, but it’s an interesting shot.

19 02 2011
Leighton Autrey

I vote 3 “Austin stole my Heart” good job, keep it up and God Bless you!

27 02 2011
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