Week 31: Reflection

7 09 2010

This reflection is Austin’s skyline on Town Lake.  I was going for the “butterfly effect.”  You know, like when you were little and you’d create a design with paint on one side of a piece of paper.  Then you would fold the paper in half so the paint got on the other side and duplicated the pattern.  Then you would unfold the paper to show a butterfly or in most cases identical blobs. 🙂  Well that’s the effect I tried to create with this photograph.     

It was taken right at sunset.  I love the color the sun created as it bounced off the buildings.  So pretty!

I’m excited to photograph this skyline at other times and see the difference it makes in the reflection.  This time of night the water was still a little active from kayakers and tour boats.  

What did you think about the reflection being used for the butterfly effect?



5 responses

7 09 2010
david padvorac

That is very cool, I like the butterfly effect. Were it up to me, I’d only post that picture and strictly instruct folks to not just save it and rotate it to look at it “normal” style. Good job with the photo and the idea, props!


8 09 2010

Hi David!

Thank you for the great feedback! I liked your suggestion and have since modified the post. I like it better now.

Thanks again! Stop by any time!


7 09 2010

I like the vertical one better – more visual interest, you can see the reflection in a totally different way. I dig it!

8 09 2010

Thanks Brooke! I appreciate the feedback!

5 12 2010
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[…] a different perspective of the Austin skyline check out week 31: reflection.  Which do  you like […]

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