Softball Sweethearts

7 09 2009

Hogan is on two softball teams this season; the Sofa Kings play on Tuesday nights  and the Hot Snakes(which you’ve seen in a previous post) play on Wednesday nights.  This past Tuesday night, I was blessed with the company of Hogan’s Mom, his Uncle and his cousin, Carrie, along with three of her little girls, Skyleigh, Cami and Scout.   I was beyond grateful that they came out to the game; not only were they good company but the girls also provided great photo ops.  Cami and Scout were so excited once they figured out they could see themselves on my screen after I took their picture.  From then on it was, “ok, take my picture,” they’d run over to me, take a look, laugh and run back to pose, “ok, take my picture.” Scout cracked me up; I took her picture, she ran over to look at it and exclaimed, “ewww, my face is dirty.”  Granted she had just finished with a ketchup covered chicken strip and a chill cheese nacho, haha.  Adorable.

As for the game, the guys put up a good fight but lost in the last inning by one run.  It was a great game though, lots of action.

swingtriplescout and camiscouters

pattysmilesScoutsilly faces

the girlsclinta cute messcute shoes



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